Without the rain, nothing grows.

Stress and anxiety are major issues in today’s society. But we don’t talk about it. It is something that we tolerate while it silently wears on us making life, work and relationships strained and unnecessarily difficult.

At Resonate we understand stress & anxiety and by working with you from a holistic perspective we can support your body's individual needs. This assists you to perceive, interpret, and respond to stress in a positive and productive way.

Some background...

Our body can withstand stress for 72 hours before it starts to break down.

72 hours...that's just 3 days.

If you look at our stress response system it is designed to help us survive when we are under threat, such as stumbling across a sabre-toothed tiger in the forest.

We see the sabre-toothed tiger and our stress response system fires up preparing us to fight or run from the threat. Under such circumstances, in 3 days we are either safe and our stress response system relaxes, or we are dead and it doesn't matter any more.

Our nervous system really hasn't evolved to match our current environment.

Our stress response system doesn't really have a sliding scale either. You are either safe or you are facing death.

This was fine for a long while, but these days this same stress response occurs when we are in traffic, chasing a deadline, or having relationship struggles. It's not really life-or-death, but our nervous system responds as though it is.

So let's fast forward past 3 days and your body is starting to break down due to excess stress. The implications of this are far reaching. Actually, almost every tissue in your body is negatively affected, leading to more and more stress, leading to greater and greater breakdown of your ability to perceive, interpret and respond to stress appropriately.

Do you see the problem?

Stressed? We understand...

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with stress and anxiety that it just felt too much, that it didn’t matter how hard you worked to try and feel better or on top of things you never quite got there? That you’re walking around all the time feeling as though you can never fully relax, like something is chasing you all the time?

Me too.

And if you’ve struggled with stress and anxiety, whether it’s due to health issues, work deadlines, or relationship stress; you know that the hardest part is the loss of trust in your mind and body.

You’re constantly stressing about whether or not you’re going feel better tomorrow or next week. There is this constant fear and anxiety that wears on you.

It's time to resolve this and make life a whole easier. Let us help.