Recurrent Injuries - Your body is designed to Feel Better.

When we experience recurrent injuries, they are often due to long term stress on the body. This stress can be physical, physiological or emotional stress, and can lead to the breakdown of the stabilising muscles around every joint in your body. This leaves your body susceptible to injury and damage.

There are two scenarios I see in clinic often:

  1. A patient continues to injure and re-injure the same area leading to localised chronic inflammation of a particular joint or tissue.
  2. A patient feels as though they are 'in the wars'. They injured their shoulder last month, they twisted their ankle last week, and this week their neck hurts.

Both of these scenarios take a toll on the mental and physical well-being of a person. It’s exhausting and painful, and can lead to tissue breakdown leading to long-standing issues.

This can the lead to chronic pain due to chronic inflammation and tissue damage or hyper-sensitivity leading to the exaggeration of pain signals to the brain.

Either way this is incredibly debilitating and on top of the pain cause a person to feel a sense of hopelessness and powerlessness.

There is a lot of research supporting that chronic pain leads to depression, and when you've been in pain every day for weeks or years, you know this in a very real way.

By working on the neurology and physiology we can start to alleviate the pain, reduce inflammation and build resilience in your body.