Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T.) Explained.


What are emotions and what is NET?

Emotions are a natural and healthy part of our lives.  Anger, fear, sadness, and others, are all natural responses to our everyday life.  Emotions are there to keep us safe, to protect us and to allow us to adapt to our environment.

For example, if you encounter a growling dog while walking down the street, you may feel fear.  The fear, in this case, is part of the healthy emotional response that protects your survival, and it will normally dissipate once the threat is gone.  However, when our body is under stress or unwell, emotions can have a detrimental effect on our nervous system that prevents the body from recovering from what was originally a healthy response.  The result is a short-circuit or "glitch" in the nervous system which can effect physical, physiological and mental well-being. 

NET helps to release and resolve the negative impact that emotional stress and tension can have on our bodies and our health through the use of Applied Kinesiology and Chiropractic.  This can help with many long standing health problems. 

Conditioned response - Pavlov's Dog

You may be familiar with the experiment that Pavlov carried out with dogs, where every time he fed them he rang a bell.  The dogs began to link the sound of the bell to being fed, and soon were salivating when the bell rang, even though no food was presented.  We term this a 'Conditioned Response'.  Emotional reactions can sometimes be conditioned.  Even after just one life experience we can form a conditioned response if it was a traumatic experience.

Stimulus Generalisation - similar but different

Pavlov also found that when a dog was conditioned to salivate to the ring of the bell, he could ring a different bell and the dogs would still salivate.  This is termed 'Stimulus Generalisation'.  This can also occur with our emotional reactions. 

For example, if a child nearly drowns in the bathtub, he may form a fear of wading in water or swimming.  Another example is a child who is berated by a school teacher can later develop anxiety or nervousness in relation to any authority figure.  In both of these examples, the person may not be able to consciously connect the two, and be unaware of these reactions. 

NET assists to connect the dots and to efficiently address the problem.

Where do your emotions come from?

It is often thought that emotions are all in our mind.  However, it has been proven that the chemicals of emotion are not just found in the brain, but all throughout the body, including the immune system and the endocrine system.  These molecules are being released from one place, they're diffusing all over the body, and they are affecting the receptors that are on the surface of every cell in your body. 

Emotional reality

A child whose parents are going out to a movie may have an emotional reality of being forever abandoned.  Historical reality, in this case. does not correspond to the 'Emotional Reality'.  The NET procedure may surface a memory that may or may not have historical reality.  We have all awoken from a bad dream scared and in a pool of sweat and realised that the attacker was not real, but your body felt as though it were real. 

Finding the 'Button'

We talk about people 'pressing our buttons'.  These are often associated with past events that have an effect on how we react to current situations.  This can have a detrimental effect on the way we deal with people, achieving what we want, and even our health.  NET can assist you to resolve and release these 'button's that may be holding you back from a happier, healthier life. 

The process

Biofeedback has shown us that thoughts and emotions can cause measurable changes in the body.  Many physical parameters, such as heart rate, breathing, and muscle tension, can be affected by things that cause internal stress, such as suppressed feeling, emotional conflicts, anxiety and aggression.  NET assesses for the presence of such distress as it relates to your presenting problem and provides a means of resolution.


After NET treatments you may feel a great weight has been lifted off your shoulders and a greater sense of well-being.  NET provides a powerful health solution in an environment that is comfortable, safe, and relaxed.  The overall goal of the process is to restore mind-body balance and greater health, resolving the physiological impact of our emotions on our mind and body.